Sweet Prairie Yoga values inclusivity, accessibility, and open-mindedness.

At Sweet Prairie Yoga, we endeavour to provide safe, alignment-based practices geared towards bodies that have developed in the West. We believe that postures will look different with different bodies and there is no one right way to sit in a posture. We encourage the development of mind-body awareness through a regular yoga practice and believe that the use of props can provide a deeper, more fulfilling yoga practice.

Sweet Prairie Yoga acknowledges that it practices on the traditional lands of Indigenous communities including the Beaver Cree, Plains Cree, Woodland Cree, Niitsítapi (Blackfoot), Saulteaux, and the Métis peoples.

We recognize that despite the lineage, style, or methodology being taught, the practice of yoga holds physical, mental, and spiritual significance in India and South Asia, both historically and in the modern era. Sweet Prairie Yoga endeavours to honour the spiritual and philosophical origins of yoga, and those in India and South Asia who practice it today.